Friday, November 7, 2008

Honey...I had a dream.....

The morning of  August 18th, my clairvoyant husbands says to me, "Honey...I had a dream last night that I found a piece of paper and it had pink plus sign..."    My response of course, "Well I guess we should buy a test!"   Not only did I buy 1 test of course I bought 5.   The next morning I woke at 7:00 AM and sure enough there was a blue plus sign! (I couldn't find a test with a pink plus sign)  Five test later, I still couldn't believe that I was actually pregnant.   I am 11 weeks now and it's still very hard for me to believe that it finally has happened to me.   I've been to the doctor twice.  We saw the the little zygote at 7 weeks and heard the heartbeat.  That was so amazing...I can't describe in words what that experience was like.  I went back to the doctor and heard the heartbeat again last Wednesday.  I was soooo relieved.  I just want to make it 12 weeks and I am almost there.  Monday will be 12 weeks and I can't wait for that day.   I am the most impatient person in the world and time has been ticking so slow.   

Everyday I feel different.  Sometimes I can eat a house, sometimes I have no appetite.  Some days I just want to sleep for days, other days I have a lot of energy.  I haven't had terrible morning sickness but I do feel pretty nauseous more often than not.  I feel really lucky that my best friend has gone through this already and that I have two girlfriends close to my heart that are going through pregnancy as well.  One is 4 weeks away from delivery and the other one 2 months away.  

Due Date:  May 25


Stephanie said...

I love it!!! Hooray!

Deondray said...

OMG!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! I am an uncle AGAIN! First Kita, then Marisa, then Dana, then Rocky and Ahmed, now you! I need some money, how am gonna pay for all these kids?

The Best Baby said...

I am so full of happiness! This could not have happened to the most perfect couple.
What a beautiful time . I feel so blessed to be sharing the most amazing times in my life with my girls! Yeah!

Josie said...


just kidding, lissa. I am so happy for you and ivan. you are both going to be wonderful parents! we love you!

trisha esguerra said...

HOLY SHIT. excuse my french.
but oh my lanta you are with child!!!
this is great. we must visit soon.
k ttul. love you bye. oh yeah, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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