Friday, May 1, 2009

3-D Ultrasound @ 36 Weeks.

Since Dan pointed out that I haven't blogged in 9 days (his exact word was "lazy"), I decided to come back with a bang.  Yesterday we had our final ultra-sound and they actually gave us a 3-D picture of the boy for free.  We weren't expecting it because it costs like $200 and we were just going to wait to see him.  So here he is!  The ultrasound measurements say that he is 7 lbs 6 oz. He might be big.  Well look at the size of his..... heeheeee.   The measurements say he's also measuring 38 weeks and I'm only 36!  I'm not too worried because I know that ultrasounds are an educated guess so he might be big he might not.   Birdie and a few other of my friends think he's coming early.  Maybe he'll be a Taurus like my Dad and my brother.   My midwife checked me yesterday and I am half a centimeter dialated.  April said also that my cervix was soft.  A good sign!

A few things to check out.  Ricki Lakes new social networking website for expecting moms and moms.  My Best Birth.  She also has a new book coming out.

Also Ivan and I just watched another birthing movie called Orgasmic Birth.  Having an orgasm during child birth?  Really?  It happens...but it's so hard to wrap your head around it!


The Best Baby said...

OMG!!!!!!! He is beautiful!!!! He is going to look exactly like the picture .....even more amazing . Wow he was looking right into the camera!!!!!! Girl!!!! Where are these little BIG boys coming from? :) lol

Deondray said...

Oh my gosh, Lisa! That's YOU all the way. How crazy is that?

Diva Las Vegas said...

Awww, I want to cry, he is so cute, what a cutie!!! He looks so sweet. I can't wait to meet him!


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