Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Napping with my babies

I have been taking the advice of my BFF and getting in as many naps as I can before the boy comes.  Haukea (the all tan one) and Kiko (the spotted one) always love to snuggle up with me when I nap.  Boy are they up for a rude awakening when the boy comes!!!   We have a Arms Reach C0-Sleeper next to our bed and the dogs don't go near it.  I've pretty much trained them not to even look at it when they jump up on to our bed.  My chiropractor did the same thing when her son was born so hopefully the sleeping situation will work with us too.   At night Haukea mostly sleeps by Eye's feet and Kiko sleeps on top of the covers.   I just get way to hot for them to sleep by me and they get way to hot for me too.   I'm trying to enjoy my dogs as much as I can because I know they will be lacking the attention they need when baby comes. They love Grandpa and Grandma so they won't be too starved for attention.   I am so curious on how they will react when we have another pack member.   I asked my midwife her opinion on dogs at home births and she said that dogs are fine.  They know what's happening to me and they usually just watch over me.  I know Kiko might have a hard time because he's the one who follows me everywhere I go and he won't be getting in the tub with me.  We'll see.....

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