Saturday, May 30, 2009

Placenta Encapsulation

I did a lot of research on placenta encapsulation.  Since 80% of women experience the baby blues, I wanted to make sure that I could do everything I could to decrease my chances.  My midwife suggested Placenta Benefits.  I read the entire website and also emailed my friend Wendy who is an acupuncturist to ask her advice.  She also had a baby by C-section and was doing her own placenta encapsulation herself.   I did experience post baby blues the third day of being the hospital.  It was the first day I could shower and when I undressed and saw my scar I just broke down in tears.  I saw the huge staples across my abdomen and I completely lost it. After I showered I visited the Nainoa in the NICU and cried my eyes out.  I felt so sad, depressed and disappointed with how everything turned out. This was not my birth plan! This was not the journey I had envisioned in my head!  I knew that taking placenta pills was going to help.
Jodi the owner of Placenta Benefits came over.  The whole process took two days.  She was so professional, personable, friendly and really knowledgeable.  She was super super clean and sanitary.  I could tell she really knew what she was doing.   I was really impressed that she has trained 50 women from all over the world in this special process.  
Because I had a C-Section the hospital froze my placenta right away. Here are a few photos of the process.

"Placenta Encapsulation...Easy as 1..2..3!"
Love the magic bullet

Me, Jodi and my bottle of my placenta in pill form!

I started to take my placenta pills yesterday. I feel pretty good.  I have energy and I don't feel any sort of baby blues at all.  Even though my sleep is on and off all day I feel rested.  I started to walk with Ivan when he walks the dogs.  My pain from surgery has decreased substantially.  I no longer need my pain meds!!  


Mrs. D said...

I love that you are so candid in your blogs. I was happy that someone else had taken a picture of their placenta too...heehee! But seriously...I had no idea about the placenta encapsulation...I really thought, like most people, that you were gonna plant the placenta with a tree or something...silly me! That's amazing that you did that encapsulation. I wish I knew about that when I had Brogan. I had a terrible terrible bout of baby blues with him. And when I say terrible, I'm really not giving it justice. I needed A LOT of support! Luckily...Louis, my mom, and a lot of friends never left my side. I found out later that my depression was hormonal...after I had my period about 6 months was like a monkey being lifted off my shoulders. My depression started when Brogan was 3 months...anyways..sorry this comment is sooo long. I'm glad you're keeping up with your blog AND of course feeling better. You look great!! Kisses to Nainoa!!

trisha esguerra said...

........oy vey. i have never heard of this. very interesting.

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