Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Mommy

Here are some of my favorite photos of my Mom.  I am so thankful and so blessed to have such an amazing mother.  Her unconditional love has no end.  She gives and gives and asks little in return. She has truly shaped the woman I am today.  I hope I can become the mother that she is to me.  I love you so much Mommy and I am so happy we live under the same roof!!!  Happy Mother's Day everyone!


josieandherlittlekitties said...

awwwww...happy mommy-to-be day to u liss!

pls give gramma benny a great big hug and kiss for the twinsies and tell her we love her too!

Diva Las Vegas said...

You and your Mom are adorable! In the pictures, you can see how she is a total trooper, right there with you, even if it means wearing a jazz tux. The picture of you two laughing on the bottom is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love you guys!


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