Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Stomp Mammas, I love you

I was so happy and so sad this weekend. My BFFN (best friend forever neighbor) Rocky came up from L.A. with her son, Marley and her husband Ahmed. It was Rocky's birthday and we had a great night with her family and Birdie's family. (More pics on Raising the Best) We all have been dying to get our son's together for their first band practice.

MNM Band
(Marley, Nainoa, Makai)

It was so awesome for me to have us all under one roof. We all got engaged in the same month, then we all got married and had babies just months apart. I just kept saying to myself, "I wish we all lived in the same city!!!" Since Birdie moved to NYC today, it was an extra special night for all of us. I was in heaven, the only one missing in the equation was Mish & Kai. I have learned to deal with Rocky and Mish living so far away. (Thank GOD for video chatting.) But today I was just devastated when Birdie left for NYC. She was my closest girlfriend I have in Vegas, my BFFVN. We grew really close these past 3 years. It was so nice to have a mommy friend that was a TRUE friend, someone I have known for years. Vegas seemed doable knowing that I had Birdie and Makai so close by. I am just so sad today, I just want to throw myself a little pity party. I am thankful for my parents and other close friends being here, but today I just feel so lonely. I do have other girlfriends that I love and cherish, but there is a deeper level of understanding with women who have children. Today I just want to run to L.A. so I can be close to my sister, and close to Rocky. I am a girls girl. I NEED the love and support of women. I am so so sad that Birdie left today. Anyone wanna come to my pity party? I need company since the only one at the party is me.

Birdie's first time holding Nainoa!

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Diva Las Vegas said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I miss you so much!!! I love you so much!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Love, Birdie

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