Sunday, September 20, 2009

4 Months!!!

Nainoa is 4 months old today! These past few weeks his eye hand coordination really improved. He is using his right as equally as he is using his left now. Since Eye is still on tour with Stomp, Nainoa has been hanging out with Lolo a lot. I love that my Dad carries my son all over the house in the sling. I love watching Nainoa's face light up when my Dad walks in the room. His hands and legs flail and his eyes go real big. He's definitely much more grabby with his hands. My hair has to be up or else I would have bald spots in my head from him grabbing and pulling my hair. Today we had a great day. We video chatted with Daddy and his girlfriend Pema today. He actually has face recognition while video chatting. It's crazy to think that as Naiona grows up video chatting will be just the normal way to communicate. Who knows...maybe we'll be able to teleport by the time he has his first computer!
Who needs toys when you have Scotties tissue box?
Trying how to teach him how to drum so that he can catch up with the other Stomp babies.

Today he is really into his toes. Hanging out with Lolo a lot in his P-sling.

Kea snuggling with Nainoa.

Leader of the pack.

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Diva Las Vegas said...

those pics are so cute - the toes in the sling, the leader of the pack, haukea and nainoa snuggling, so cute! You take great pics! I miss you! See you soon!

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