Saturday, September 5, 2009

Seeing Double

My 9 year old twin nieces came for a visit and stayed for almost three weeks. We had such a
great time. It was so cute to watch Nainoa look at them"Hey.....wait a minute...there are two of you!" I tried to keep the girls creatively busy while they were here so when they weren't in the pool or helping Lola in the kitchen I had them write and illustrate a book for Nainoa. They LOVED the project and were really into it. After they were done we went to UPS and I had each page laminated. Their books came out really cute and I think I'll have the girls create a book every time they come visit. Here are some photos of their week here.

Kea just HAD to get into the photo.

The Three Little Ducks by Dorian and The Giant Who Couldn't Sleep by Gillian

Reading IS fundamental and Nainoa loved being read to by his cousins.

Lola was so happy to have ALL of her grandchildren under one roof!

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The Best Baby said...

Wow that is so beautiful! the Best!

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