Wednesday, September 2, 2009

14 weeks and Aruba

Nainoa is 14 weeks today. He's been doing this new thing with his arms. He makes a fists and stretches at his arms out. He also has been staring at his hands. He really like to sit up now because he wants to check everything out.

onsie provided by Jen M

"i'm OVER it!"

Since Nainoa has been laughing a lot more, my goal of the day is to do anything to make him laugh. His favorite word this week is "Aruba." He thinks it's sooooo funny. I think he likes the rolling "r" sound. Oh and Daddy is actually going to Aruba with Dan for a private party. I wish we could go too!

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Pema said...

So after reading your entry, my Mommy tried the same thing on me but I actually prefer to see her tongue wiggling around. And I crack up when she says, "Blue blue blue! Blah blah blah! Gee gee goo goo!" Maybe if you and I get together we can communicate in our own drooling language.

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