Friday, November 20, 2009

6 months!

Nainoa is 6 months today! It really does go by fast. He is getting cuter and cuter by the day. The more aware and reactive he is to the world the more I fall in love. It is getting harder to leave him. I had two 8 hour days with out him and I was just devastated! Anyways, he is growing up fast. Nainoa is sitting up a lot better now. I can tell his abs and back are getting stronger. He still topples over when sitting up but it's getting less and less. He likes to grab at his feet. He's loves the happy baby pose now. He LOVES to stand. He squirms a lot when getting his diaper change. I bought him a piano like his cousin Marley. (Check out Marley's skills) Nainoa likes to switch the sheet music back and forth more than he likes to play. I can't believe how he's growing into such a little boy! His hair is growing in but he still has a band of baldness around his head. Nainoa LOVES to talk. He does this low grunt that is just hilarious. Oh and we are going to start solids this weekend. We are going to start off with sweet potatoes like his girlfriend Pema.
Here is Nainoa's first monologue that I translated for your enjoyment.


Diva Las Vegas said...

oh my goodness what a cutie! He's getting so big, I can't believe it. I love his outfit! Miss you guys so much!

Pema said...

Auntie Coralissa, you are a FREAKING RIOT!!! Wait...gagging??? Have so much fun with solids. During my first feeding my Momma didn't add enough liquid so be sure to make it gravy consistency if you're paranoid about choking like my Momma was. Can't wait to play with you Nainoa!

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