Monday, November 23, 2009

Weighing in at...

Today Ivan and Lola took Nainoa to the pediatrician while I taught Pilates all day. He weighed in at 22.2 pounds and is over the 95th percentile. Even though the nurse measured him at 28 inches long Ivan thinks he is more like 27 ish since his head wasn't touching head ruler. Our pediatrician said to keep trying to feed him solids everyday. I tried the sweet potato again and after four small baby teaspoons he started FUSSING. I've been reading Super Baby Food and it suggests to make feeding fun and not to show disappointment when Nainoa doesn't like eating. I smiled, cheered, sang yumm yumm songs and seriously did a song and dance but it didn't help. I have one more day of feeding him sweet potatoes and then I am going to move on to bananas or avocados. Maybe he'll like that better. My BFF said it takes about 7 to 13 times before he'll starts liking it. I have 9 more tries to go.

I took this picture while Ivan was trying to read the paper with Nainoa on his lap. Naiona kept taking the paper and shredding it like we do in the Stomp number "Papers." He LOVED the sound it made while he ripped the papers in half or when he banged the papers together. SO CUTE!

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