Monday, November 16, 2009

Aloha Heinys

I am loving my aloha print Happy Heinys that I bought from Jackie over at the Well Rounded Momma Boutique!!! I think I like the way they fit on Nainoa better than the bumgenius. I love that the elastic band on the Happy Heinys can fit over his big belly.
I gagged when I saw the blue hibiscus flowers.

This aloha print is perfect for when we go to Hawaii in December!

1 comment:

Pema said...

He looks so cute in his underwear, Auntie Coralissa. Can he be mine when we grow up? Or will people think we look like brother and sister? I'm so glad you like the Heinys and that cloth diapering is working for you. I had my first "normal" looking BM today in my potty and it was so exciting!

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