Sunday, December 20, 2009

7 months!

Lolo calls Nainoa "Mochart" (his way of saying Mozart) whenever Nainoa sits in front of his piano. Enjoy my little 7 month old Mochart!!


Pema said...

I love it! Musician in the making. Maybe a frustrated one but nevertheless...

Diva Las Vegas said...

happy &kllllllll m nnn4 cde z dx x v i b ,
d   DSdqqq - woops, baby M interrupted my comment because he just couldn't wait to get his little hands on the computer and type his message to baby N. Hope N can read it. I was laughing because I thought it was you singing the colors of the keys - it sounds like you. Have you been doing baby toy voice overs in between Pilates sessions? Anyway, to finish what I started to type in the beginning - Happy 7 months Baby N!! We love you guys!

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