Saturday, December 26, 2009


ALOHA!!! We made it safe and sound. I was so nervous about flying the 6 hour 40 minute plane ride without Eye, but Nainoa was a great little traveler! He continued on his regular schedule, sleep, play for two hours, sleep again. He never cried. There were so many nice people on the plane willing to hold the baby while I went to the bathroom. Everyone commented how happy he was and how good he was. I was very proud.

When we finally landed in Oahu, Daddy was there to greet us with leis. I love the Nainoa's keiki lei.

Daddy was so happy to see his son in his homeland. He kept saying, "Welcome to the homeland son!"

We went straight to Tutus and Grandpa Al's house to open gifts. It was so nice to watch the baby with his other grandparents. Popo and Naiona were definitely feeling each other out. When Popo started barking, Naiona barked back too. It was very funny.

We got up at 5:30am and it was still dark outside. He's down for his 1st nap and then we are off to Waikiki beach which is 2 blocks away!!!

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Pema said...

LMAO! I love that Nainoa barked back at the dog. Tonight I actually fell asleep during a loud ass Cantonese get together and mah jong game.

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