Sunday, November 30, 2008


I think I experienced my real first hormonal incident.  My whole family came to visit me for Thanksgiving.  My Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and her new beau.  It was so nice having all of us together.  We ate Mommy's food, we all went to the movies, we all talked in my Mom's thick Filipino accent.  I loved falling asleep on the couch with the dogs while my Dad stroked my hair.  It was awesome!  It reminded me of us growing up.  I didn't want it to end.  I didn't want my family to go away and leave me here in the desert.  But the end was near and I just couldn't stop bawling.  It was so crazy!  I usually never cry when my family leaves.  This time it was different.  I felt my heart break just thinking about them leaving.  When it was time to say good bye, forget about it.  I was a mess.  As soon as my sister said, "What's wrong? Were you crying?"  Niagra Falls.  It was full on... tears, sobbing,  words couldn't come out because I was crying so hard.  I couldn't stop either.  I had to go to work which was probably a good thing.   My sweet husband was trying to console me, but nothing worked.  I just cried all the way to work.  

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Diva Las Vegas said...

Oh pobresita!!! It is so crazy, isn't it, when the hormones take over?!! You starting a family, you being the baby of the family, thinking about when times were simpler...oh, no, I'm gonna start crying!! LOL! I was flicking through channels and saw that "Snoopy Come Home" was on, and I started to watch it and then, trying to be more in control, I changed the channel because I knew I would be on the floor in tears if I watched the whole thing! Hormones!


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