Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tig o bitties

I can't even begin to explain how large my breasts have gotten.  It is extremely uncomfortable.  Now I know what my sister and my other large breasts friends must feel like!   I came from not ever wearing a bra to wearing a bra to sleep.   That was actually how people knew I was pregnant before I spilled the beans.  "Your boobs are huuuge....are you pregnant?  You better pee on a stick!"  Said my friend D who also told me I should do a photo shoot with the new additions.   Even my husband can't believe it.  "Jeeesh honey, they look fake!"  I guess that was a compliment?   Since I'm not showing yet, the size of my breasts are the only real tell tale sign that I am actually pregnant.  So until my belly size catches up with my breast size, I guess I have just have to deal with everyone looking at my boobs.  Fun times. 

1 comment:

Diva Las Vegas said...

I hope my breasts get bigger! I was looking forward to that - I think when the milk comes in they will!

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