Thursday, November 13, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

" I can't swallow pills, I need a banana,"  is something I heard from my mother all my life.  Low and behold, I too have a problem with swallowing pills.  I use to be great at it.  I didn't need a banana or other food in my mouth to disguise the huge prenatal pills.  After all  I have been taken them for over a year with no problem.  But lately every time I go to take my pills, I gag, I throw up a little in my mouth (gross I know), or I end up spitting it out.  I have resorted to cutting my pills in half and then disguising them with food.   I don't what's wrong with me.   I use to hear my dad say to my mom, "'s all in your head."   My father is a wise man.

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The Best Baby said...

awwwe LIs! lol Hang in there. It is hard for mee too. I really have to just eat it with my fried or scrambled egg sandwich with cheese in the morning and let that toast drag my vitamin down my throat!
You have to embrace the Mother Warrior! We were Warriorsssssssssssssssss! LOL

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