Monday, November 10, 2008


So yesterday my husband was sweet enough to make me breakfast.  I wanted eggs and toast.   What I really wanted was a fried egg sandwich on toast, with mayo and a piece of cheese.  I wanted to taste the runny yolk that drips out of the sandwich when you take the first bite.   But since I can't have raw eggs, I just let it go.
I sit down to to eat my hard scrambled eggs and toast.  Food is always better when someone else makes it.   As I take my first bite my husband sits down with a juicy, delicious, savory fried egg sandwich!  I immediately start pouting as I see the runny yolk drip down my husbands fingers.  "What's a matter honey?,"  he asks.  "I want some," I reply as I longingly look at his yolky fingers.  "It's not that good, really, it's just messy."   Sigh, I'll guess I'll just have to wait until May.
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