Sunday, March 8, 2009

In The Blood

I finally had the home birth conversation with my parents and it didn't go how pictured it all.  It exceeded my expectations!!!   I spent the weekend in Bakersfield to help my parents pack their stuff since they are moving in with us at the end of March.  Last night at dinner I asked my Dad if he was born at home.  He said, "of course we were and your Auntie Esther delivered your Uncle Eddie."  Auntie Ester was a nurse.  He then proceeded to tell me that my Grandma Luisa was a nurse and delivered all the babies in  the barrio!!!   He told me that he came from a poor town and that doctors wouldn't come to the barrios, so my Grandma delivered them all.  THEN, my Mom starts telling me how my Grandpa Lucio was a doctor and he delivered all the babies in her town!  She said Grandpa was  the doctor of the poor.  Mom told me that the people often couldn't pay for their services so they would offer their chicken, carabao, pigs etc.   My Grandpa would graciously accept and say that he would pick it up at a later time but he never would collect.   My Mom told me that she was there when her youngest brother was born and that Grandpa wouldn't let my Grandma sit down.  She had to stand or squat.   I think that scarred her so she said to me, "I don't want to be there and listen to you scream.  I'm going to the movie."   LOL  I told her that was totally fine with me.  Then I asked my Dad if he wanted to be there.  I totally expected him to say no since he wasn't there for any of our births.  But then he said "Of course!"  Then my Mom said,  "HUH?  You left me at the hospital and you say yes to your daughter?"  LOL!   Well after our conversation I finally felt that a home birth was the right choice for me.   As corny as it may sound I feel like my Grandpa and my Grandma will be there with me, watching over me.  Sigh....I feel good,  I feel confident in saying that I am going for a home birth.   I feel like I have the support of my family and the support of my ancestors.   I'm going to go for it!!!


Diva Las Vegas said...

You go girl!!! That's got to be a relief!!

Mrs. D said...

I think it's an awesome idea!! Are you going to be in Vegas or in L.A. when you give birth? I love the history of your's awesome being able to hear those special stories. You are already, such an awesome mommy!!

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