Monday, March 30, 2009

8 months!

Today I'm 8 months.   Getting closer!!!!   I met with my midwife April last week  and I must say I really like her.  She was really personable.  I actually felt the baby's head when she examined me!  She explained so much to me.  She gave me homework too which I love.  I have to write down everything I eat for a week.   I brought home an excel sheet and a list of foods which I should be eating. I love it!   I'm reading a lot of books.   Right now I'm reading Gentle Birth Choices, by Barbara Harper.  I just came back from a vaccination class.   I've been to 2 different vaccine classes.  One class suggests vaccination and the other one doesn't advise vaccination.  Totally polar opposites.  I need to do my own research.   The speaker tonight said something very interesting to me.  He said,  "People do more research on what car to buy than what they put into their newborns."   That totally struck a chord with me.   He gave me some websites to check out and some books to read.   More reading for me!   My husband gets home next Monday.  I can't wait.  I'm over being alone, I'm ready for someone to take care of me.  There is still so much to do.  We have to start taking our Lamaze classes,   find a pediatrician,  start fixing the baby room.   I finally put away all the gifts I got from the shower.  My BFF gave me 3 huuuuge bags of clothes.  So grateful for that.   As I was folding all the little clothes I couldn't believe that there was going to be a little baby inside of it!  WIERD!!!


Leah and Jason said...


Thank you so much for sharing this great blog with me. I am so proud of you. The love surrounding you is inspirational. I am looking forward to hearing more.


seth said...

Hay you two its me Paula!
You better get ready because hes a coming,
Loved the ultra sound he looks all comfy cosey in there but the holiday is over my friends,how exciting.
If you start getting any slight twinges that feel like the start of your period get ready my loves.
Good luck Cora,looking forward to your next blog and please dont be taking your laptop into your birthing pool,xox the Ullians

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