Tuesday, March 3, 2009

7 Months!!!

I'm 7 months and 1 day today!  Where did the time fly?  I just finished a industrial gig for Remax at the MGM Grand Garden.  I was in charge of rounding up percussionist and I played a little tamborine also.  It felt great working and actually making a paycheck.  (I could have done without the 6AM call time though)  My honey has been gone a week and a day and I have to say that I'm doing pretty good.  I miss him a lot.  Thank goodness I have my two chihuahuas to keep me warm at night.   Can I just tell you that video chat is a life saver!!!  I love just having it on for hours and watching TV or eating together.  It sounds silly but it really helps the loneliness.  I'm taking a road trip to Bakersfield to help my parents pack.  It will be nice to spend sometime with them.  I have another OB appointment this Thursday.  I'm a little nervous because I am going to tell him that we have been thinking a lot about having a home birth.  Sigh.  I'm not looking forward to hearing what he has to say.  Hey, maybe he'll be like, "You know, go for it.  Your healthy and in shape, I give you my full support!"   Yea right.   Well...we'll see.   Tonight I'm taking a vaccine class at my new favorite place called Well Rounded Momma with my friend Lisa who is 5 months preggers.   More updates to come!  :)


soulmama3 said...

So proud of you...so happy for you!!! You look amazing. Doesn't it feel great to know that our bodies can do this amazing work?? Don't sweat the "peanut gallery" too much. Motherhood is all about following your instincts. Pregnancy is the training ground for that. I did a birthing center in NYC with a midwife. Loved it, but we had some difficulties with the delivery and everything got moved to St. Vincent's---but my "team" came with me. I wasn't disappointed and I don't regret my choice though it didn't turn out "exactly" as planned. Don't worry---follow your gut!

The Best Baby said...

you look amazing!!!!! I am so proud of you.....your healthy, your taking care of yourself and you're sane!!!!!!
You are not crazy or strange for wanting a homebirth. It is your birth plan and you should feel confindent in your decision and your doctor should be OK with your decision and if He feels wierd....he should make sure you have all the resources to feel like its safe.. even if he doesn't .
I thinks its awesome. xoxo

Renee said...

Coralissssssaaa... you MUST be the sexiest prego that I know.....

I miss you little hot self and can't wait to see you again.....

Miss you MUCH !



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