Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Birth Day

Today is my birthday. I am the thirty six, the same age my mother had my oldest brother.   Now that I am pregnant the word birthday means something totally different.  Usually I heard the word "birthday" and visions of  cake, ice cream, candles, cards, presents etc. pop into my head.   But now I hear the word different.  "Birth"- "Day"   It was the day of your birth.  The day you mother labored in pain and pushed you out.    Today I didn't think about my candles, ice cream, cards or presents. I thought about my beautiful mother in the hospital in labor.  The tremendous amount of work she had to do to bring me in this word.  I think about my baby in my belly  and wonder when his birth day will be.  Is he going to come early or late?  What will his day of birth bring?  How am I going to handle the labor?   Those are the thoughts today, on my day of birth.   I realized for the first time in 36 years that today is not about me, it is about my courageous, wonderful, strong mother.  Thank you Mommy for bringing me into this world.  


Leigh said...

Happy Birthday Birth-Day! What a sweet and beautiful post. It truly is amazing how being pregnant and becoming a parent transforms one's perspective on things. Hope you have a great day of celebration and love. xoxo.

The Best Baby said...

Liss, I loved your post. It just goes to show, during all of our years.....Mom's always remained selfless and made our "Birth" days ....... those Happy Birthdays we so fondly look back on as kids.
love you & happy birthday.

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