Friday, October 16, 2009

18 Weeks & Spring Reserve

Nainoa is 18 weeks. Today we went to the Spring Reserve and walked around with our friends LisaM and baby Ethan. I met another mommy friend Christina and baby Sophia. (Birdie I missed you and baby M today!) We had lunch at Wolfgang Puck cafe that over looks the strip. Very yummy. It was 93 degrees and hot! We strolled around after lunch through the desert garden and looked at different recycled themed installations. I had Nainoa in the sling the whole time because he wasn't feeling his stroller. He loves the kangaroo position because he likes to look at the world. Man my legs and right shoulder are SORE from carrying him around! I definitely should have brought the Ergo or Moby. It feels good to take him out of the house by myself, makes me feel like an independent women. I love the little outings with just me and my son. What a great day!

LisaM in front of a gigantic butterfly

Nainoa konked out after he nursed.

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