Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 months!

Nainoa is 5 months old today! Check out his cute L.A.M.B baby shoes given by The Boves. He's also sporting a drummer shirt given by Auntie gLo. Today we went to see Lolo's family who's in town from the L.A. and the Philippines. Everyone said, "He looks like Juuniorrrrr! (a.k.a Lolo)," then they said, "Oooooh ahhhnd he looks like Lissa!", then they said, "What peatures does he hab of Iban?" Awww Iban! After we came home from such an overwhelming visit we decided that since he had his drum set shirt we should practice our paradiddles! Happy 5 months baby! Para-diddle...para-diddle..para-diddle...para-diddle
Auntie Hellen, Nainoa, Lolo and Auntie Emma (Lolo's sister)

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