Friday, October 23, 2009

Weighing in at...

Nainoa weighs 20 lbs 14 ounces and he is 26 inches long. He is off his charts as far as his percentile for weight. Doc. Moore said he is looking good, he's exactly where he should be as far as development goes. He told me not to worry about him rolling over or anything. His daughter didn't roll over until 6 months. Nainoa can roll to his side but he can't roll over his huuuge belly. All the nurses asked, "Daaaaamn Momma what are you feeding him???" When I replied, "Just booby milk." They asked, "Well what are YOU eating??" HA! Baby is definitely teething. He's total drool-o-rama. Sometimes he gags because there is so much drool in his mouth. He loves to practice standing. He can sit up by himself for a nano second and then he topples over because he is just so top heavy. He can be on his belly a lot more and he likes to scooch. When he is on his tummy I put pressure on his feet, he pushes with his strong legs and moves a few inches forward. Nainoa has some LEEEGGGS. They are so thick! Definitely got that from Mommy. He got his Prevnar and Hib shot today. He cried after but only for like a minute. Today I'm going to be away from him all day today. (a little anxious...gulp) Lolo and Lola are out of town which means Daddy gets him all day!

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