Wednesday, October 28, 2009's 23 Weeks

outfit given by Auntie Simmi

So Nainoa is actually 23 weeks this week. I counted it like 5 times and I he is definitely 23 weeks this today. Birdie I'm sure you will double check for me :) We are all going on airplane for the first time tomorrow to visit Mish, Kaiyayai and Eddie. After last weekend I neeeed a vacation. (We spent last weekend cleaning our L.A house that we are renting) This is my test run before our big flight to Hawaii on Christmas day. Mish says just to breast feed on the way up and down and we'll be fine. I can't wait to spend our first Halloween with my BFF and our sons! Nainoa is going to be a turtle and a dalmation since I couldn't decide what costume to get him. This week Nainoa has been sitting up by himself for 3 seconds. He's looking to where sound comes from and I think he knows his name?? I love him more and more every second of the day. I never knew how much you can love one person.


Catherine Anne said...

What a cutie!!!!

Diva Las Vegas said...

Yes, he is 23 weeks, I got on it immediately! So N is going to be a Dalmurtle? A Turmation? Just like M is going to be a Girumpkin. I miss you!! Pics, please, lots of pics. And the plane ride is going to be fine! Feed like Mish said and bring a few of his toys for distraction if needed. He may even sleep the whole time, the noise of the plane can be comforting.

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