Thursday, October 29, 2009

Slinging It in San Fran

Nainoa made it through his first plane ride with flying colors! I wore him in the Ergo when we arrived at the airport. We went through security with no problem. He was totally chill waiting at the gate. As soon as we got in our seats he started to fuss, then he started to scream! Oh no we are that couple on the plane with a screaming baby! After about 5 minutes of screaming I offered him the boob and he went straight to sleep. My BFF said to nurse on the way up and the way down and it worked like a charm! Phheewww. Mish picked us up and we ate at Savor. (yummmy cornbread with jalapeno jelly). We both napped when we got to the house and then we spent the day playing in Kaiyayai's room with some nice fuzzy toys! I soooo needed this!

He slept the whole way.
Family first self portrait on Virgin Air.
Eye slinging through SF airport
Nainoa pulling Cousin Kaiyayai's hair.

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