Friday, October 30, 2009

The Mission

Today we had a great day walking around the mission. Oh..and walking with a 21 lb. baby up and down these SF hills is NO joke. I was so happy Mish brought the stroller. Nainoa is heavy in the Ergo! Daddy carried him most of the way. We walked through the Mission and went to Natural Resources so that I can buy Nainoa a Sophie. (Thanks Rock for the recommendation)
I LOVE the Mission. The mural art is just amazing.

I was so blown away by this amazing mural of this woman breast feeding on the side of the women's center building. The whole mural was massive. I wish I could have gotten it all.

After some yummy carnitas tacos we went to Dolores Park. It was perfect park weather.
It wasn't too hot, just right. We watched Mish and Kaiyayai play in the park as we sat and the shade and enjoyed the greenery. Eye needed his Bi-Rite Creamery fix so we stopped there and had Pumpkin Ice Cream. What a great day!

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